Monday, August 4, 2008

"Wedding Treasures," oil on canvas, 20 x 24

"Wedding Treasures"
oil on canvas 20 x 24
This time of year in Vermont is a wonderful time. There are many outdoor festivals and events; every weekend seems to be crowded with events. Home gardens are brimming with all of the seasonal delights and late summer flowers begin putting on their show. Soon will be the time to think about harvest, putting the flowers beds to rest for the long winter ahead and settling in for cool crisp autumnal days.

The painting presented here shows a grouping of these late summer flowers. The sunflowers are the focus, but there are some white gladiolas playing a supporting role in the composition. These flowers were grown locally and were just sitting there at the farm stand saying they needed to be painted. They were leftovers from some wedding bouquets. Maybe the fact that they were leftovers made me want to put them in an arrangement where they are truly the stars of the show. Enjoy

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