Friday, October 17, 2008

"Dazzling Fall Colors," oil on board, 8 x 10

It seems to most folks, around this part of Vermont, this year's fall color extravaganza has been one of the best in many years. I would agree. The color is always amazing this time of year, but it seems this year, more so than others. While I paint almost every day, I am not a huge fan of outdoor painting. I try to balance my studio work though with some plein air work as well as photographing and sketching the scenes and places which inspire me. I think the individual has to decide which is the best working method for them and then follow that path with diligence. This painting however, was painted on location, almost in its entirety. The past few days have been exceedingly bright and warm so it made for some wonderful working time outside. Over the next couple posts, I will share some of my outdoor attempts. As with all of my outdoor work, I think these small paintings/sketches will, along with my photos and pencil sketches, become useful aids in larger more involved paintings. I like though, the freshness of these smaller paintings, not to mention the feelings and the memories I have of working on these pieces on one of the most beautiful of fall days.
"Dazzling Fall Colors
oil on board, 8 x 10
300.00 unframed, plus shipping
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AJ said...

Dazzling, indeed, Andrew! This painting is amazing!

Barbara Pask said...

Really beautiful, love the colors too.