Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Along a Winter Morning Walk, 16 x 20, oil on canvas

While the rest of the country has seen some record breaking snow falls, in this part of Vermont we have seen relatively little in recent weeks. Finally, a few days ago we had a nice snowfall. I had some time the morning after the big storm and armed with my camera and sketch book, I went out for about an hour or two and took a large amount of photos as well as made several sketches. While I love working outdoors, plein air, I think sometimes an approach of spending time in nature, observing, watching, recording with pencil and paper are equally as important. This painting is the result of some of these direct observations from that day. I had walked down a road towards the Poultney River and when I turned around I saw the beautiful light streaming through the snow laden trees.
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Andrew Orr


Mary Bullock said...

Wonderful snow scene = love how you handled the branches of the trees.

Matthew Hannum said...


I love the composition and all the details - it's lovely!

As for the snow, hey, you folks up north can have it. We've gotten over 80" this winter in Maryland, which is just not right.

Cheryl Pass said...

Andrew...I always enjoy your landscapes. This one is especially gorgeous and very beautifully done!
Great job!!