Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Afternoon, Sudbury, VT, 18 x 24

I find this somewhat of a challenging post. With the destruction of so much of Vermont, after hurricane or tropical storm, Irene, I would think my time would be better spent trying to help those in need as opposed to posting a photo of a painting online. I think however, in the midst of the chaos of the floods here in Vermont, it is important to focus on the brighter days, the future and those moments which, in the challenges of tragedy, remind one that all shall be well and truly, time heels all wounds.
So I present this posting of a painting which I recently completed. When I see the piles of debris around the state and read of the heartbreak so many have faced after the floods, it is the scenes such as the one depicted in this painting which bring to me a sense of calm and peace, the thought; all shall be well, in time.
Maybe through viewing this painting you will be somehow lifted and hopefully reminded, all shall be well.

We are fine, the studio is fine and thankfully we sustained no damage to our home or property. Thank you for reading this post and for your keen interest in my work.


James Trundy Verrill said...


Maybe you could do a painting that shows the raw and SOLID beauty of Vermont even w/ the horrible damage....

It would be a powerful painting


James Trundy Verrill said...


Beautiful as are all you paintings!

Regarding Irene and the horrible damage to Vermont, maybe you could do a painting that shows the raw/solid beauty of Vermont despite the damage...

Would be a powerful, moving painting.


Matthew said...

Glad you folks made it through the storm; it is a shame how much damage was done by Irene. I have relatives in New Jersey, some of whom were without power for days, but they didn't get washed out by the flooding, thankfully.

Great painting - it has a feeling of peace and hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sentiment, and a gorgeous piece of work.