Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Apple Shadows" oil on canvas, 5 x 7, unframed

"Apple Shadows"
oil on canvas on board, 5 x 7
100.00 unframed, plus shipping
We are heading into a favorite time of year here in Vermont, and especially so for me personally. I love the coolness of the night air, the dry days and the warm sun. Trees all over this area are beginning to make their transformation from the bight greens of summer to the autumnal yellows, russets and browns. This year it seems I have noticed more wild apple trees by the roadsides than ever before. These trees are often very heavily laden with fruit that sparkles in the autumn sun. I love the combination of reds and yellow greens of the apples along with the often ragged and scrappy leaves. I look forward to working with this subject until it will be time to work with the more familiar autumnal pumpkins and other gourds.
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Anonymous said...

I love this painting! The brush strokes and the shadows combine to create a charming piece of a very simple subject. Well done my friend.