Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"First Day of Spring" 12 x 16, oil on mounted canvas

As I have been traveling and conducting some classes in New Zealand, I have not had an opportunity to post to my blog in a while. I completed this painting just before I left. Nature is an amazing thing; when I left Vermont, spring was just starting to unfold. Daffodils were up and poking their heads through the ground, the grass was just starting to turn green and even trees where just showing some signs of new growth. Here in the southern hemisphere, its fall..the colors are beautiful and the air is cool and clean. This year will be an extra treat with two fall seasons to enjoy! This painting was completed after a feeble attempt at the same scene. Its amazing that sometimes just a second chance at the same scene can produce much more pleasing results.
"First Day of Spring"
oil on mounted canvas 12 x 16
695.00 unframed
please contact me directly for payment details

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