Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer, oil on canvas 16 x 20

Rain, rain and more rain....makes for some great days in the studio! This is a piece I recently completed and I am pretty happy with the result. With each painting, I try to find some lesson which I might try to learn. This piece was a culmination of many of the lessons or ideas I have been working on as of late. Specifically, I wanted the distant hill to read as a hill with distance, but not far distance...so I did not push it completely to blue hues. Also, I have been working on some pieces where I tried to show the stones and rocks at the bottom of a creek bed. I am still playing around with this and will do some more pieces in a similar vein. Above all, while this is a fairy green scene, I tried to play up the difference between warm and cool greens and used some stronger colors in the shadows other than darker greens. It was good fun and I am looking forward to getting outside to put some of the lessons I have been working on in the studio, into practice. Guess its time to say, "rain, rain...go away!
Lazy Days of Summer
Oil on canvas
16 x 20
Brandt-Roberts Gallery, Columbus, OH


James Trundy said...

WOW!! is all I can say! It always amazes me when a blank canvass can come alive like this....

Exciting to think about the painting by you that will one day hang on our wall

Matthew said...

The distant hill reminds me of scenes along the Appalachian mountains - a beautiful part of the country. Lovely scene!