Friday, January 2, 2009

"Covered Bridge at Pittsford, VT" 16x20, oil on canvas, framed

WHen I moved to Vermont six years ago, I was immediately captured by the charms of the state. What I thought only existed in postcards, actually was part of my new life. I have fallen in love with the area time and time again and am always "wowed" by the landscpae, history; simply the "ethos" of Vermont. With the change in the area of the country where I lived, I have also made changes in my work from subject matter to changes in palette. Such is the case with this painting of the covered bridge at Pittsford, VT. The most widely photographed bridge in the state of Vermont, it made a wonderful subject for a wintertime painting. Some would look at a paintings such as this as trite, it is however a part of the world in which I live and do my work. A covered bridge evokes a feeling of nostaligia, romance or of times gone by. In this world of non-stop, frenectic activity to pause for a moment to be nostaligic about a place or a time might not be so bad afterall.
"Covered Bridge at Pittsford, VT"
16 x 20, oil on canvas, framed
1,195.00 shipping included
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