Thursday, January 22, 2009

"New Mexico Reflections" oil on canvas, 30 x 24

I finally finished this painting for yet another entry into one of the National exhibitions coming up this year. As I was nearing completion, I realized that I had probably been working on this painting for probably more than a year, at least in my mind. Growing up in New Mexico, I have always loved the late September days moving into early October. Those days, the last of the wild sunflowers bloom by the roadsides, the wild asters start popping up here and there; even the chamisa provides the landscape with a carpet of yellow. Its a beautiful time of year. I could envision a painting with bright sunflowers and wild asters against a back drop of a Navajo rug and maybe a piece of pueblo pottery. So began the quest for the items to include in the painting. I found the pottery here in Vermont, the rug at another shop, the blue jug somewhere else. Once the elements in the painting were together, I actually began working on the composition in my studio. I have no idea if the painting will make it into this show, I certainly hope so. No matter the outcome though, the learning and sheer enjoyment of putting this piece together is the true reward.

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Shelley Peterson said...

Andrew I love this one! The colors, flower choice and adding in the apples give it a clear Fall feeling. Then by bringing in the other elements, you continue the Fall feeling with the blanket twisting in the New Mexico feel. Viewers see the whole vs the detail of the elements for thier first impression or feel. By having you talk about how/why you put this together, it helps me not only see the whole, but to break that down so I see what makes that whole... What contributed to the feeling. You could have pulled off a WestCoast feel by adding sea shell's and/or a striped throw, bottle of wine, and on and on. It really makes you think about how important those added elements are.