Sunday, April 5, 2009

"The Promise of Spring" oil on canvas on board, 12 x 16

After a long winter its always a welcome site to see signs of spring. I have been hearing the song of the red-winged black bird in the last couple of days and have even seen a few in our feeder, for me a true sign of spring. How nice to be able to hear the song of one of my favorite birds. It feels as though one can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have made it through winter. Soon the beauty of summer will be upon us.

This piece shows the grays of winter along side some of the new spring grasses along the river bank. The sun is warm yet the rushing water is incredibly cold. This painting is of one of my favorite trees along the river.

Tomorrow, Monday April 6 at 2:00pm CST, I will be the guest of Kim McCool on her online radio broadcast, “Discover the Heart of Art with Kim McCool.” Kim is an excellent porcelain artist and has recently developed this great program. "Discover the Heart of Art with Kim McCool" is a bi-weekly show where McCool interviews artists of all kinds - from classic art, such as painting and sculpture to writing, music and choreography discuss the heart of their art. This art talk show is unique and informative. McCool and her guest talk about what inspires the art, where the love of the art comes from and how listeners can discover the heart of art.
If people are not able to listen to the live broadcast, they can go to McCool’s website ( and either download the podcast for later listening or listen to the replay on their computer. The broadcasts will be archived. Please join us.
"The Promise of Spring"
oil on canvas, 12 x 16
695.00 plus shipping
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Cheryl Pass said...

Spectacular piece, Andrew! I love the feel of all of it! I can smell the grass and feel the air in this one.

Mary Bullock said...

HI Andrew - I just ran across your blog and love your work! There is a great "feel" to your paintings - very painterly and enfused with atmosphere. I also noticed that you are an alumni of OCU - my husband graduated from there also (but many years earlier).