Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"North Shore Morning" 16 x 20, oil on canvas

In the last week or so I have been feverishly trying to complete some paintings that will be entries into a couple of upcoming National exhibitions. I have not painted a seascape in some time and I was really itching to get back to this type of work. It was a fun experience to compare this seascape with some others that I completed in years past. Amazing how one's style or painting temperament can change. In this painting, which is of the Massachusetts coast, near Magnolia, MA, I wanted to focus on a very clear and strong light direction. I spent a lot of time on this piece loosing edges and doing a lot of blending...a bit odd for me, but I liked the effect. So, wish me luck. One never knows about these shows, but I think its a great time to push a little to really try to do something different and maybe with very fine-tuned senses. This is one of my entries for the show Salon International at the Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio.


Anonymous said...

This painting is a winner. It absolutely glows. I love receiving your blog on my email - you are a true inspiration.

Karl Ylvisaker said...

It is a wonderful painting. I am enjoying your work in any style or temperament.

AJ said...

Once again, Andrew, you've blown me away!

I can feel the ocean spray on my face when I look at this- (sounds corny, but true!)

Keep up the great work.