Friday, July 15, 2011

A Summer Stroll in Orwell, Vermont

We are upon the beautiful days of summer in Vermont, the days that seem to make the cold and bleakness of winter all worthwhile! I was out a few weeks ago exploring some areas around Orwell, Vermont and came upon this lovely scene. The light was coming through the heavy clouds in wonderful patterns just hitting the tops and edges of the trees. In the painting, I hoped to create a sense of mystery in the painting a sort of, "I wonder what is beyond the bend in the road" type mystery. The answer will have to come in another painting; there were a few jewels to be found indeed! Back to painting....and picking raspberries!
Andrew Orr
A Summer Stroll in Orwell, Vermont
8 1/2 x 12, oil on mounted canvas
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1 comment:

Matthew said...

Lovely painting!

Nice job capturing the light through the heavy clouds, which can be a trick. The path does have a feeling of mystery to it - what is around the next corner?