Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Sunflower Study" oil on canvas, 10 x 8

I have just finished a painting workshop in Iowa and I thought I might share some of our class projects. We spent two days working on smaller studies and excercizes before tackling our larger still life set up. In one of our studies we worked up a small painting using only black and white. It was a great opportunity to study values and and how the combination of values help to create form; it is also a great chance to spend some time focusing on contrast. On another study we worked up a still life set up using only two complimentary colors, semi neutral mixes, black and white. The painting included in this post was simply a warm-up exercise to demonstrate how I would approach a floral subject. I was pretty happy with the end result especially since the study was completed in 15 minutes. My next few postings will include some of the other studies from this class.


terrym said...

Once again you have shown yourself to be a brilliant artist. How fortunate your students must have felt to be in your class. Beautiful!!

Ed Terpening said...

nice work! The brushwork reminds me of Nicoli Fetchin, one of my favorite Russian artists.